Princeton Academy (Mission)
Rizia Bibi Educational Park

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About Princeton Academy (Mission)

Welcome to Princeton Academy. I want to go back to the memories of about ten years ago when a small dream was woven in the heart of a human compassionate social worker thinking that he would teach the society. Educate the backward deprived. children As a result, he built the Princeton Academy of our dreams to make his dreams come true."

Every skilled teacher and employee of this institution has been working tirelessly. As a result, our future generation and students are not diverted from education. A belief and resolve of all of us 'We Shall Overcome' is flowing in the heart of this institution even though the rules, curriculum etc. are the same as in all institutions.

A unique phalgudhara that composes an atmosphere of great affection, camaraderie and respect, which makes a child

It will greatly help you to become a successful person in future.

The rich education policy, active curriculum, strong emotional bond, self-awareness and self-esteem and accomplishment combined with our teaching process have made students like children and teachers like fathers. You can hear all around the institution if you listen carefully. The sound of teachers' gentle discipline or expressions of loving hearts. In the end, the organization that was oscillating at that tottering stage ten years ago, today, proud of its success, proudly proclaims its colorful existence like a swan, and says - "Sabare Kari Ahahoban".