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Barik Biswas (Secretary)

Good, appropriate education, acceptable education system, respectable education system and enlightened educational institutions involve the wider interests of the entire mankind. Moreover, there is nothing more important and prestigious in life, nationally, internationally, than education. because,

So far the overall improvement of human consciousness has been influenced by well-educated people. A number of problems and crises have become evident and acute in some developing countries due to the paucity of truly educated people. There is no shortage of educated people in a populous developing country like ours. But if the necessary part of the acquired knowledge and knowledge is not included in the life practice by bringing it under the control of the intellect. People are not really educated if they don't know or don't take it. However, it requires interest and desire.

In fact, education makes people's taste refined, intellect sharp, mind

Clean, mind-blowingly elegant and tidy. Therefore, true education is a means of refinement and improvement

and vehicles. Education is therefore considered as the best way to refine and develop the mind-intellect-soul. but

In any country, especially in our time, the education system has not yielded as expected. It requires collective hard work and concerted effort. Our 'Princeton Academy' has made its way smooth with the aim of making people capable of pure, free thinking, life consciousness and world thinking and humane qualities by keeping the glorious and glorious purpose of education in front of the target. Movement dynamics.

Eminent educationists, thinkers, researchers, Samaj Sen are with us to continue Falgudhara.

And people who are fond of learning.

Our aim is not to make the student a news box. To give the way and the path to build a beautiful and healthy life enlightened and successful meaningful life journey. Due to the need, it creates a conscious mindset by prioritizing the long passed belief-reformation and acquired knowledge, derived wisdom and practiced conscience. Then, due to the influence of wisdom conscience, the conflicts between relatives and relatives, nature and reform, life and world, knowledge and belief, conscience and matter, wisdom and conviction are reduced and the possibility is given to other people in the hands of that person. The goal of Princeton Academy is to create such a kind and beautiful city.

Finally, I wish everyone a prosperous, healthy, beautiful and happy life with endless love to Almighty Allah.

About Secretary Princeton Academy (Mission)

Name :Barik Biswas
Designation :Secretary
Date of Birth :17/05/1971
Qualification :Bsc
Mobile Number :9681498060
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